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P O W E R 

Rethinking C-Level Search & Mentorship in the Digital Economy


"In this new digital economy transition, executives frequently experience a lack of support and guidance throughout their journey, hindering their performance and causing feelings of isolation and stress. Meanwhile, companies struggle to find capable C-level leaders, which affects their overall success."



Addressing challenges, our research-based Power 8 Method integrates traditional leadership and digital skills, enhancing adaptability and driving growth for executives and organizations in a dynamic digital world.

Discover our 
Executive Mentoring & C-Level Search 
services for leadership growth and success.
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we've developed a unique and exclusive method called the "Power 8 Leadership Studio"

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Our eight-pillar framework empowers top-level leaders to overcome challenges, maximize potential, and drive organizational growth.

Our balanced method guides you toward achieving goals and creating a fulfilling life.

We offer flexible mentoring services that align with executives' unique needs and objectives.

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One-on-One Sessions:

Personalized mentoring sessions, focused on addressing specific leadership challenges and goals

Extended Session Duration:

Offer longer mentoring sessions, allowing for more in-depth discussions and guidance.

Mentorship Roadmap:

Personalized mentorship roadmap for each client, outlining their specific goals, objectives, and milestones.

On-Demand Support:

Provide direct access for quick consultations or support between scheduled sessions.

Easy & Flexible Scheduling:

Book mentoring sessions at the most convenient times

Customized Resource Curation:

Offer tailored resources, including articles, videos, and books, for targeted leadership development.

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We personalize executive recruitment, ensuring the best talent aligned with the eight essential pillars of effective leadership.

Strategic talent sourcing:

Attract high-quality, diverse candidates for C-level positions by implementing strategic sourcing strategies that go beyond traditional methods.

Incorporating technology and data-driven into the process 

Streamline the search and improve the chances of finding the right candidate for the role: Social Media Monitoring,  Advanced Search Tools and Deep Sales Technology

The Power 8 Assessment Tool:

By scoring each candidate on these eight dimensions, you will have a comprehensive assessment of their suitability for a C-Level executive role.

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Needs analysis:

Our service evaluates clients' C-level hiring needs considering company culture, strategic goals, and leadership requirements

Candidate presentation:

We offer a candidate shortlist with in-depth qualification and assessment details.

Candidate sourcing:

We source candidates matching client's requirements.

Interview support:

We provide interview support to the client, including scheduling, preparation, and debriefing.

Candidate assessment:

We evaluate candidates on eight leadership pillars, ensuring alignment with client needs.

Offer negotiation:

We aid in offer negotiation and contract drafting for a seamless, successful hire.


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